Project Server 2016: Invalid object name ‘pjrep.MSP_EpmProject_UserView’

In this article, I am going to fix the below issue

Missing Views ‘pjrep.MSP_EpmProject_UserView’ in Project Server 2016 Database.

Missing PWA views In Project Server 2016


I have SSRS integrated mode reports that read data from the default reporting views in Project Server 2016 database, Suddenly these reports stopped working for no reason!

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I have tried to investigate the issue by checking the datasets of these reports and I found out that the ‘pjrep.MSP_EpmProject_UserView’ is missing!

Invalid object name 'pjrep.MSP_EpmProject_UserView'


It’s a bug in Project Server 2016! You may face this issue in the following cases:

  • You have configured a new Project Server 2016 farm that it’s build number less than 16.0.4639.1001 (Jan CU 2018).
  • You have patched the current Project Server 2016 farm with a new CU that is older than Jan CU 2018.
  • You have performed a migration from Project Server 2013 to Project Server 2016.

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Fix the missing report views in Project Server 2016 Database

As a permanent solution: it was planned to fix this issue in the Jan 2018 CU.


  • It’s mandatory to install both fixes, the sequence does not matter!
  • Run the Sharepoint Configuration Wizard after all fixes installed!
  • It’s not recommended to install SharePoint update on production environment until tested on dev/test environment.
  • Perform a full backup before starting the update process because you can’t rollback the Cumulative Update Installation.

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Repair PWA Instance in Project Server 2016.

As a temporary solution: try to repair the PWA instance as the following:

  1. Open SharePoint Management Shell via Administrator.
  2. Run the Repair-SPProjectWebInstance abased on your PWA Instance URL as shown below:

[code language=”HTML”]

Repair-SPProjectWebInstance -Identity https://PWAURL -RepairRule 7


PWA Content Database Missing Views

Note: the Repair Rule 7 is used to repair the RDB Views in Project Database.


In this article, I have explained How to fix the missing views in Project Server 2016 database?

Applies To
  • Project Server 2016.
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