SSMS 2012: Service Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.IRegistrationService not found

SQL Server Service Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.IRegistrationService not found

In this post, we’ll solve “Service Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.IRegistrationService not found” when opening SQL Management Studio.

Service Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.IRegistrationService not found

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Service Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.IRegistrationService not found

When I tried to open SQL Server Management Studio for SQL Server 2012, I got the following error:

Service Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.IRegistrationService not found

Actually, it’s annoying message that appears every time I am opening the SQL Server Management Studio.

I just click OK and everything is working properly. but I am trying to find any solution to avoid the “Service Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.IRegistrationService not found” error message permanently.

Cause: Service Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.IRegistrationService not found

The “Service Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.IRegistrationService not found” might occur in case of

  • You are using a trial version.
  • The “Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SDK.SqlStudio.dll” was deleted.
  • The SQL Server 2012 SP 1 is not installed.

FIX: Service Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.IRegistrationService not found

In this section, we’ll go through some workarounds and solutions to fix “Service Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.IRegistrationService not found” error when opening SQL Server Management Studio.

Run SQL Management Studio as Administrator

The simplest way to overcome this error is running the SQL Server Management Studio as administrator. this solution is working properly for me.

Missing Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SDK.SqlStudio.dll

In some cases, the above solution did not work. so, you should ensure that the Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SDK.SqlStudio.dll is located in the below installation path:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Tools\Binn\ManagementStudio folder
Missing Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SDK.SqlStudio.dll

Repair SQL Server

If the Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SDK.SqlStudio.dll file is missing. So you should try to repair the SQL Server using the SQL Server Media (ISO/DVD) that you have used to install SQL Server.

Missing Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SDK.SqlStudio.dll

SQL Server is Trail Version

Actually, if you are using a trial version for SQL Server, you might get many unexpected behaviors. So, If the SQL Server evaluation period has expired, you should extend it as mentioned at

Patch SQL Server with the latest updated

This issue may be also solved by patching your current SQL Server with at least SQL Server Service Pack 1.

To check the latest server patch that has been installed in SQL Server, please check the below articles:

In SQL Server 2012, If the Server patch level is lower than Service Pack 1. thence, you should install SQL Server Service Pack 1 from here (about 3.63 GB)


In conclusion, we have tried to solve “Service Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.IRegistrationService not found” that may happened when you open SQL Server Management Studio.

Applies To
  • SQL Server 2012.
  • SQL Server 2014.
  • SQL Server 2016.
  • SQL Server Management Studio.
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